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DJ Ace, host of one of the morning shows on BBC Radios 1xtra has decided to make 2018 the year of UK RnB.

UK RnB has had an interesting past few years. British RnB singers have been around for decades but with the exception of a few artists they have largely been unable to break out of the shadow of their American contemporaries. Some of the reasons were geographical – it was hard to share music and ideas over thousands of miles, and some were political – UK record labels had little incentive to invest in UK artists when they could just licence American artists from their parent subsidiary and print money.

However, with the rise of the internet and music discovery platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify a new wave of unique, cool British RnB is coming through.

On a rainy Sunday a couple of hundred people crammed into the intimate live space in the Camden Assembly pub ready for a night of music by DJ Aces top picks for 2018.

First up was Jordan King. He has been releasing RnB music for years on the underground, but his last track Do That, and the remix was a serious smash. He gave a stunning live rendition of Do That, getting an amazing response from the crowd.

Next up was Barber (spelt Bxrber). Last year was quite sparse for him in terms of releases but every track he brought his vocals to has been a smash. Worship, Worlds End and Brownstone have collectively been streamed hundreds of thousands of times. The songs are all smashes but when Bxrber performed them live he took things to another level.

Tiana Major9 from East London gave a stunning performance of her songs Round and Round and Levee. Seamlessly switching between singing and rapping it was easy to draw comparisons with Lauryn Hill. She is definitely someone to keep an eye on this year.

Finally closing off the night was Lylo Gold. Her moody sultry tales of love, life and heartbreak were brought to life in an emotional performance. She ran through all her known tracks including Starry Night and Over U. She also previewed an unreleased track “Blocked” giving fans a taste of whats to come in her first EP later this year.

In all the night was an amazing live showcase of UK R&B. DJ Ace and the Record Box UK team picked a brilliant lineup and their platform continues to go from strength to strength.

Bring on the next show!
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Artists Performing

Jordan King
Tiana Major9
Lylo Gold

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