REVIEW: Mic Lowry – MOOD

MIC Lowry Mood

Mood is a 7-song project full of tight harmonies and seductive lyrics, all mixed into one. So, if you’re here for the smooth lines and sexy lyrics then you need you need to listen to this EP.

Mood starts off with the tune, Don’t Tempt Me, a song all about drinking Henny, getting busy all night long and laying on the couch all day… sound perfect?

Watch Mic Lowry in the video for Don’t Tempt Me below, not as steamy as the lyrics but you can see just how tempting they all look trying to persuade the woman of their dreams to do everything they’re singing about in the song.

Know What You Like, is the second song, the hook to this song is very catchy, “Dipped in expensive jewels, latest loubs/Go ‘head and send them nudes/Bougie food in Nobu, all ’cause I fuck with you,” what do you guys know about them bloody shoes?! You’ll definitely find yourself bopping along to the beat of this particular tune!

Although the tunes on this EP sound like fresh, summer bangers they’re something to turn up to in the morning while you’re getting ready… or if you’re trying to hint something to your man- ladies, you know what EP to play.

Listen to Mood on Spotify and all major streaming platforms now:

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Twitter: @WeAreMicLowry
Instagram: @miclowry
SoundCloud: @miclowry

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