Geovarn James is a 24 year old singer from London. His moody trap soul inspired vocals have seen people lazily compare him to artists like Bryson Tiller and the Weeknd, but hes definitely on his own wave. With a combined 6 million streams on Spotify, 3k followers and 300k plays on Soundcloud this artist is definitely someone to watch in 2018.

You’ve had a mad 2017 so far but you’ve been bubbling on the underground for a while now. Tell our readers how you got into RnB.

Rnb was playing in my household from as long as I can remember. Coming from a Jamaican background, I was always into music and my older brother was influenced by the American culture which then rubbed off on me. as I got older I found myself listening to R Kelly quite a lot who became my favourite artist until this day, so I guess my music just swayed that way organically.

What are would you say are your musical influences and your musical background?

My biggest influence in music is micheal Jackson. I remember as a little kid always trying to mimic his moves and always thought his artistry abilities were one of a kind. He makes me push myself to be a better artist.

You started of as Grime MC? What made you make that transition to singing?

The transition from grime to rnb took 7/8 years in total because my confidence was low and at the time it appeared soft if u was doing rnb so no one encouraged it. However I had a mentor called “uncle mix” who didnt judge me and pushed Me to my limit day in day out to the point where I started to believe in my singing abilities so I practiced and gradually got better.

Your new track Skeng – its definitely got a strong Grime feel to it. Is that a nod to your grime roots? Tell us the story behind that track.

Basically, me and my cousin “Shailan” who is a grime artist wanted to do a track together but we was waiting on the right vibe. My producer “80s baby” sent be the beat and straight away I knew it was the one for us. I called my cousin and told him come studio When he came he brought his friend “belly” who ended up doing the chorus I wrote for Shailan and he nailed it his flow and vocal tone was perfect, I wasnt going to take the track serious because it was something to vibes to but it came out better than we thought so we ran with it.

You’ve been working with quite a few well known producers – EY (Nines, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran), Divine Beats, Menace, plus some ones that we don’t quite know. What has that been like – how important is it for an RnB artist to find the right producer?

When you find that right producer you will know because everything flows easy and naturally. He knows what you like and thats all that matters in my opinion.

Do you write all your own songs? Can you give us a bit of background into that. How do you get in the zone and where does the inspiration come from?

Writing music is my favourite part especially when it comes without thinking. This usually happens on long drives at night time when listening to a beat or if I’m walking somewhere lyrics and melodies comes to me out of nowhere. I think my best songs come when I walk at night.

You first came on to our radar with the song Say Now, which actually has had quite a mad response (4 million streams on Spotify). That was released by Sony as part of a 2 single deal. What was it like working with a major label?

At that point in my career I was just happy to get a deal especially by Sony music who I’m a big fan off. But all in all it was more for the experience, Anything else is a bonus.

What do you think are the main challenges facing UK R&B artists today?

I think UK RnB artists just need to keep making songs together and show the scene that there is a RnB scene here making good music and eventually it will flourish.

What was it like performing at Reading & Leeds festival? I saw some footage of the performance, it looked quite mad!

Reading and Leeds was a highlight of my career. first time doing any festival and I love it. It actually motivated me to put on my own show.

Are there any other UK RnB artists you are feeling at the moment?

Apart from the artist I’ve already collab with, the artist I think I could make a hit with is Haile from Wstrn. He’s really dope. Also got a collab coming with Mark Asari.

And what would you say are your top 3 RnB (any country) artists right now?

My top 3 right now is Bryson Tiller, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Tory Lanez because they just execute songs in a way that a lot of artists find hard to copy.

From your experience in the music industry so far – what advice can you give to aspiring musicians?

I learnt consistency is key and trust in your gut.if it feels right or feels wrong go with It because your most probably right.

What can fans expect from you over the next few months. Any thing you can give as a sneak preview of?

Had to delay my Northside EP because of technical issues at my studio but it’s now back up and running and a new release date will be revealed soon. I’m bringing a “Long drives on winter nights” feeling with this project.

Your North Side EP is dropping this week – what can fans and people new to you expect?

For the next few months will just be consistently releasing music and visuals. Also got 1 or 2 possible major collab but don’t want to say anything until it’s set in stone. I also got my headline show on the 22nd of Oct so make sure you guys come down if you can.

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