London based singer/songwriter Luv’Rell has built up a name for her self with her 90s RnB inspired style. Her latest single ‘Til Further Notice’ has been getting heavy support from major urban station 1xtra and radio stations world wide. Her most recent EP – ‘Alpha Tauri’ broke into the ITunes R&B top 10. She has also worked as stage singer for a wide range of artists including Stormzy and Dwele. We caught up with her for a quick chat.

Your track โ€™Til Further Noticeโ€™ is generating a good buzz right now, tell us a bit about the story behind it.

Til Further Notice is about a messy breakup, feeling deeply hurt and confused, but not being ready to get over it yet. I wrote it from personal experience, being in a really bad place and having people around me trying to force me to feel better (before I was actually ok). I think anyone who has been there will feel where I’m coming from.

How has support been from the radio stations and media outlets?

The support has been unreal! I’ve been played on BBC 1xtra, a number of underground stations and international radio stations as far as Texas – I can’t describe how amazing that feels. It’s exciting to see how far my music is spreading right now.

Lets go into your musical beginnings – when did you realise singing was for you?

I’ve been able to sing since I was about 3, but I didn’t think music was for me until I released my first official track “Kissed A Lot”. I couldn’t believe the way people were reacting to my song.. I’d never felt that level of pride or passion before. Nothing makes me feel the way that singing does, I can’t imagine myself not doing it anymore.



Tell us a bit about your name – how did you get it, where did it come from?

Well most people call me Rell, so it’s like a gift… with love from Rell… Luv’Rell ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your musical background?

I started singing and playing piano in church, my mum got me into music very early. But I had really bad stage fright so I did backing singing for a few years. I thought I would be doing that forever! And on the side I was songwriting for a few underground singers. Everything I did before has helped me a lot today.

How would you describe your style?

Nostalgic, sexy, chilled and harmonic… no matter what vibe I’m singing on you’ll always know it’s me.

What are the main challenges you have faced as an RnB artist?

I hate to say it but my main challenge comes from being in the UK. Being a black R&B singer here seems to be a clichรฉ, there are much more opportunities if you start as a rapper or if you sing pop. But that doesn’t affect me, the world is huge and I’ve been able to create my own opportunities by branching out.

And what have been the highlights of your career so far?

When my Alpha Tauri EP went top 10 on the iTunes R&B chart – I think that was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life! Featuring on the “Black Van Gogh” album by DJ Puto X and seeing it go number 1 in France was crazy! And every time I hear someone play my song on the radio, in their car on Snapchat or wherever.. it just blows my mind.

Give us your top 3 Rnb artists?

Lol I could give you 100 that’s hard! Ok I’ll say Donnell Jones, R Kelly & Jhene Aiko

How do you feel about the British RnB music scene right now?

I think there are some amazing artists doing phenomenal things like NAO and Sampha, it would be good to see them get more mainstream exposure like we give our grime artists. The underground R&B scene needs much more attention, there’s so much talent out here.

Are there any other UK RnB artists you are feeling at the moment?

Emmavie, Lylo Gold, Jordan King, Troy Hudson, Monique Lawz, Shae, Barber, Sincerely Wilson, Tiana Major, I could go on and on…

What are your plans over the next few months can you give us a sneak peek?

Right now I’m creating some vibes in LA, and I’ve got more work planned in Paris with some Kizomba producers. I’ve got lots of new music on the way, I’ve been very busy with Jordan King and Slitman so keep an eye out for that. Plus I’ve got some new visuals en route that I’m really excited about!

When and where can people see you live?

Check out my socials (@luvrell) and you’ll see me regularly post my events. (Editor: Luv’Rells next event is on October 8th – details here)

Is there any advice you can give to other artists – based on your experience so far

Stay true to yourself, believe in your potential and invest in your dreams. It is hard, you’ll want to give up at times but if it is what you really want go and get it.

Listen to โ€™Til Further Noticeโ€™

The single is available to buy on ITunes or stream on all major platforms.

Listen to her last EP ‘Alpha Tauri’

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