REVIEW: Melisa Whiskey – Moon and Sky EP


Hackney Singer Melissa Whiskey has released her first EP “Moon and Sky” after slowly building a following on the RnB underground and among key tastemakers in the industry. Signed to a publishing deal with BMG, this is the first publicly released effort.

Overall the album is a strong effort and a good showcase of her vocal ability. Standout tracks include the uptempo reggae-lite Billin, and the remix featuring Section Boyz Inch.

Over the 7 tracks Melissa comes off confident and streetwise. She explores the usual RnB subjects of love and sex, but from a position where she calls the shots. On the lead track Billin lines like “See my ex man had me down” / “im just focusing on my dough” pretty much set the tone for the album. Melissa is confident and movin on.

Without a doubt every track on here could easily slot into the daytime playlist of Radio 1 and no one would even notice. However that is part of the downside – apart from Billin, theres not really much on here thats memorable. The production is good but slightly generic and overdone which takes the shine off her excellent vocals – its pleasant background music that people will nod their heads to then forget once it’s over.

For people who are already fans – this will give them exactly what they want, but this isn’t the breakout release.

However as a first EP its definitely a strong effort, and the UK RnB scene needs more of her. Melisa is definitely someone to watch her future releases with interest to.

The album is available to stream on all major streaming services. Listen now on Soundcloud.

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