New Single – S.I.P Feat. MC Bushkin Put some ‘Respeck’ on their names, ‘Aint Gonna say No More’

'Respeck, ain't gonna say no more'

Singer/producer S.I.P or S.I Peezy when off duty; has come to bless the congregation gathered here today; with his gospel inspired single, ‘Respeck; Aint Gonna say no more.’ The multi-talent grew up listening to gospel, Motown and RnB; this spiritually uplifting single contains these influences throughout. S.I.P ‘s modern influences are producers Timbaland and the Neptune’s; as well as artists who hail from his home of East London, S.I.P hopes to put the sizzle back into UK RnB; which has seen the sauce dry up like sand in recent times; as UK RnB becomes an indistinguishable genre comprising of pop and formulaic guitar led slush songs. All hail our saviour S.I Peezy, who promises to gift us with some good old fashioned RnB with a modern twist, on his forthcoming debut album, ‘Netflix and chill’; dropping on valentine’s day ensuring to provide too much sauce, to kiss your cupid to.

‘Respeck; ain’t gonna say no more;’ opens with a rousing gospel chorus sampled from the Hamiltones introspective take on THAT bonkers birdman breakfast club moment. The hook evokes memories of the evangelical choir singers, some of us as kids became accustomed to at church on Sunday’s, sat next to granny. S.I.P then slides into the sparse yet effective instrumental of drums, bass and organ to comfortably rap in a chilled out style, as though the sounds of the gospel strains from the Hamiltons’ sample have soothed his soul, to allow him to state his strong points; (If you disrespect him, he will have no time for you; but it’s all good if you come correct;) whilst maintaining a blissed out state. S.I.P also interposes his laidback rapping style, with soulful vocals which blend perfectly with the gospel sample blessing the track throughout.

Garage great MC Bushkin features on S.I.P 's single
Garage great MC Bushkin

S.I.Peezy, enlists the formerly heartless but always F.A.B garage great MC Bushkin; who laces the track with a two tier rap; the first is powerful yet peaceful, compared to what we had become familiar with before Bushkin hung up his microphone as a garage MC in 2014. Bushkin reminds us to; ‘Put some respeck on my bumbaclart name, know what I done for this bumbaclart game.’ (You can picture Birdman, perched on a branch somewhere screeching and flapping for the respeck he pleaded for in his infamous interview.) As Bushkin’s verse takes us through his journey from 1992 with Heartless crew, to present day as a solo artist. The rapper then switches tempo and tone; becoming more urgent and also peppers his words with plenty of patois, in homage to his MC days.

As if Bushkin becoming the MC we all came to know and love from his golden garage days, wasn’t a great, late Christmas pressie; the track then takes an unexpected twist. Bushkin asks legendary Grime commentator and instigator Hattie Collins over a sound clash / dancehall horn; why she neglected to holla Heartless crew for an interview, for her best-selling literary time capsule ‘This is Grime.’ To further testify his truth to Hattie; Bushkin then cleverly calls in Wiley in the form of his NFTR (Pt. 1) interview from last year. (2016) Wiley’s witness statement in soundbite form explains; – “Grime was birthed from garage. Heartless crew were the only ones who spat bars. If we didn’t listen to Heartless, would we have gone and done what we done? Maybe not.” And with that strike of gravel from our judge and Godfather, its case closed.

Listen to ‘Respeck, Ain’t Gonna Say no more’ here:


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