UK RnB takes a listen to Craig David’s album “Following my intuition”

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So I suppose we should reluctantly thank Leigh Francis for his infamous “funny” (if you want to call it that) ‘Bo Selecta’ parody of Craig David, for keeping Craig in the limelight, even when he wasn’t putting out music for the public. Despite the world thinking he was in hiding – little did we all know, Craig was preparing for his long overdue come back to rightly remind us who paved the way for UK music; and us early 2000 UKG ravers are extremely happy about this. It’s said that the beef is now squashed between the two, and the pair kissed and made up last year.

Now it was evident that Craig wasn’t going to give us a project full of UK Garage (even though I would of loved that), it wouldn’t be a smart career move. But don’t be too disappointed, he’s replaced the UKG with Dance floor-fillers in his new album of “Following my intuition”, but kept his sleek RnB vocals that made us fall in love with him back in 1999.

The album features 3 collaborations.
“When the baseline drops” featuring Grime’s funny man Big Narstie, signified Craig’s revival, climbing straight to number 2 on the UK Dance Charts. The album also includes collaborations with DJ’s and producers Siagala, Hardwell, Blonde and turntable genius Kaytranada. But his solo songs on this project equally hold as much quality. Craig even threw in one for skanking crew, with his song “No holding back”, with its skippy UK Garage beats and punchy percussion.

“Warm it up” has the island vibe that the whole of the music scene seems to love so it was only right for Craig to do the same. A smooth tune to showcase his ability to switch it up and still manage to smash it.

The track “16” gives us the MC Craig, the originator, the veteran, with its catchy lyrics and dominant baselines. Of course this one will sound familiar at this first, but the twist is a game changer.

This album overall shows smooth perfected vocals, over Dance inspired, RnB and Soulful melodies, to sum up the new, mature and still cool Craig David, even at 35 years old.

Craig David’s headlining UK “Following my intuition” 2017 tour will be kicking off in March.
For tickets: http://www.craigdavid.com/followingmyintuition/ 


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