These boys don’t stop.

After only just releasing their latest single “Social”, along with their chart toppers of “IN2” and “Love Come Down” and collaborating with the US star Kehlani, WSTRN have decided to spoil us with more exclusive music.

Instead of letting the hype die down, taking a breather to enjoying their latest successes, Haile, Louis and Akelle decided to continue grafting. The band has made their mark on the music scene, being the only UK R&B boy band around at the moment and they’re sure not to let it disappear. The West London trio dropped their latest mix tape titled WSTRNSEASON.

The 14 tracked project oozes smooth Rhythm and Blues along with mixing Grime British vocals together effortlessly .The mixtape has a theme running throughout, with intro’s on some tracks in the form of a voicemail message – this clever concept tells a story and prepares you for the upcoming tracks narrative. This idea from the boys shows their characters and gives an insight into them. With no collaborations or features, the mixtape solely shows off their talents, from their lyrics to vocal abilities.

It features love songs like “Get It Down” to trap influenced tracks like “Bananas” WSTRNSEASON’s overall vibe is perfect for the summer season, hence why they called it their season. It samples classic hip-hop tunes, but adds their London sweet-boy flare, that makes them stand out from the crowd. The mix tape at some points can sound repetitive, but overall is a feel-good listen.

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