REVIEW: NAO – For All We Know


The amazing songstress that is NAO, has released an official album, and we are even more in love with her than before.

After waiting eagerly for more material, following her 2 EP’s, it was clear to see that the Hackney based star had more in store for the world to see. She’s treated us to a 17 tracked album, titled “For all we know”. It was released on 29th of July and climbed to number 5 on the iTunes chart the day it was released and even made number 16 in the US. Nao took to twitter to thank her supporters and share her shock.

She performed at Glastonbury in 2015, along with having her first solo sold out tour earlier this year in April. She describes her style as “wonky funk”, but there is nothing wonky about this album.

It features familiar songs such as “Bad Blood”, “Adore You” and “Inhale Exhale” that were on her previous EPs’. Her unique style of nostalgic new soul, R&B melodies, combined with elctro and funk vibes, allows the singers tone of voice to fit perfectly. The 28 year olds intriguing sound combines all these genres together and ultimately produces an abstract and inviting sound. The album illuminates the future of UK R&B.

Despite wanting to put NAO into a category or genre, it’s pretty hard to and that’s what makes her album so loveable – it can be relatable and accepted by anyone, as all in all, it is amazing vocals and beats. As an official debut, the album shows all sides to the artist. She discusses her relationships, friends and lovers, but in an unconventional authentic way, almost creating her own genre. She sings with passion and potency, but still manages to cloud it with her soft and contemporary tones.

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