REVIEW: Cherri V – Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 1


This album may be the first time many are introduced to Cherri V, but for those that know – she has been around since the MySpace (dot com) days and has a long back catalogue.

However in this latest release its all about the new, and over 8 diverse tracks she showcases the full gamut of her lyrical and vocal abilities exploring the peaks and throughs of relationships.

It starts off with “Leave Me Be” a summery track with soft reggae influences, perfect for cruising on a summer evening with the windows down. The summer vibe continues with Runaway where she switches things up for a more afro bet style.

Things get a bit trappy on Snapchat Mistress, as she gets a bit more militant, describing catching her man receiving naughty pictures on Snapchat.

Things You Do is a solid piece of pop RnB, which could easily slot into radio daytime playlists.

The second part half of the EP is dominated by slower tracks starting with the mid tempo slow jam Lock Down/Prisoner then moving on to Situationship , a duet between her and singer Sincerely Wilson, Brown Eyed Soul (Interlude) with vocals by RnB veteran Terri Walker.

Finally the album picks with Swimming, produced by XVRBLCK who seems to be on everything in UK R&B these days.

Overall this album well produced and Cherri V is flawless with the vocals. Definitely a stand out release for 2018. You have no reason not to stream this album today and keep it on repeat. We cant wait for Vol. 2!

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Zion Foster signs to Virgin/EMI

We’ve been following Zion for a hot minute now, since he dropped the underground smashes “Wavey” and “Let’s Go”.

Recently he announced he signed to Virgin/EMI a massive step in his career. Over the past couple of years he has built a solid following on Instagram with his covers, and released a few bangers along the way.

Defo one to watch this year and beyond!

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AUDIO: Blow – Matt Blvck


South London singer Matt Blvck drops a new track for 2018 – “Blow”. Following on from his solid EP “Afterparty” he interpolates Ushers classic “Nice & Slow” to add a current twist on the usual boy/girl relationship story.

The singer has been writing and recording music for 3 years and has his eye on being a leading artist in the resurgent UK R&B scene. Check out his last EP below.

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VIDEO: Confidence – Raye ft. Maleek Berry, Nana Rogues

We love Raye, her sultry sexy vocals have seen her carve out a strong niche for herself as an R&B/pop artist. In her latest visual in one continuous shot she gives the viewer a private view into her doing a dance rehearsal. Rapper/singer Maleek Berry adds vocals while Nana Rogues (Drake – Passion Fruit) provides the production.

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Why Spotify’s Ban of R Kelly is Dangerous and Pointless


Last week, Spotify announced they would no longer playlist R Kelly’s music. This means he would be removed from all playlists that are made by Spotify employees. As these are prominently featured within the app they are followed by millions of their users.

This move will inevitably cause a drop in R Kelly streaming numbers – however in the long run it will be meaningless to R Kelly financially.

A quick search of his name in the app reveals the following numbers

Ignition – 320 million streams
Bump n Grind – 70 million
I Believe I can Fly – 44 million
Im A Flirt – 28 Million
Same Girl 28 million

For an artist of his age and length in the music career those numbers could be a lot higher. In fact outside of Ignition the number of streams for his top tracks ranks pretty poorly against say Beyonce, Drake or Chris Brown.

Despite this, his live shows continue to sell out and his albums consistently go Platinium. This suggests that:

  1. His fans aren’t really listening to his music on Spotify anyway
  2. If Spotify de-playlists him it wont have much of an impact because people who want R Kelly will search for him anyway.

There was no mention of him being removed from peoples personal radio stations or coming up in automated suggestions, which are also responsible for a significant amount of artist streams.

If Spotify really wanted to make an impact they could just remove R Kelly from their platform all together.

However they will never ever do this simply because Sony music and Warner Music own sizeable stakes in the company (around 12% of all public shares between them).

If Spotify started removing artists they didn’t like the record labels would start losing money.

R Kelly is signed to RCA who are owned by Sony Music. Somewhere deep in Sony HQ R Kelly is responsible for a sizeable part of various execs fat salaries. They are not going to want a good thing to be messed with.

If they straight up removed R Kelly, then Sony could respond by saying they couldn’t stream Micheal Jackson (another controversial figure but well leave that for another day), Beyonce or any other popular artist that gives people a reason to pay Spotify the £9.99 (or equivalent in whatever currency) a month.

The same would apply for Universal (Drake) or Warner Music (Dr Dre, Interscope, Kendrick Lamar etc.). The consequences of such a scenario would not be positive for Spotify.

Its a bit of good PR, but nothing more. R Kelly will still continue to keep collecting his royalty cheques and maintaining his alleged harem.

Their actions also set a dangerous precedent, and across the media industry could lead to further erosion on freedom of expression and speech.

To a debatable extent this is already happening, but why should Spotify start censoring artists they don’t agree with?

Spotify should stop with the virtue signalling and just get on with delivering our music conveniently and effectively. Thats what people are paying them for right?

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