REVIEW: IAMDDB – ‘Flightmode Vol. 4’


IMDDB came through with her forthcoming project, ‘Flightmode, Vol. 4,’ on June 22nd.

8 slow-jam, downtempo tracks incorporating her jazzy take on trap, for your head top!

The first three tracks entitled ‘Azul,’ ‘Watrfall’ and ‘Thots’ start the album off nicely, the slow pace of the songs sets listeners up for the remainder of the album where IAMDDB later drops some innocent sounding profanity.

‘Drippy,’ (track 4) being one of the favourites, the more up-tempo, faster paced tracks on the album. Sounding like the Jazz singer had a lil’ Migos inspiration on this tune.

You can watch the official music video for ‘Drippy’ below…

In 2017, IAMDDB was one of Complex’ top 10 British R&B/Soul artists to watch and they were right.

‘Flightmode Vol. 4’ is available to stream on all major streaming platforms now!

Apple Music

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VIDEO: Bobii Lewis – Drifting

Bobii Lewis has come through with a brand-new winter bop!

Drifting, now after listening to the lyrics (and watching the official video) it seems as if our boy Bobii is telling us about him and his girl are smoking up, and Drifting away… physically and mentally.

Now, what better than a cute lil’ tune to get you in that winter mood, listen to the song and watch the music video to go with it, above!

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REVIEW: Louis Mattrs x On the Rocks


Soul/RnB artist Louis Mattrs has dropped his debut album, On the Rocks, yes guys it’s finally here!

The album starts off with the bouncy track, Pink Lemonade, c’mon guys, what’s better than “good lovin’” and “Pink Lemonade”? Pink Lemonade, is a smooth track, with a catchy hook, the perfect song to start the album off with.

Don’t Lose Your Cool, you know that one person in your clique who acts like they’re the most chilled out person ever, and nothing can phase them and then they act crazy at any given opportunity? Yes, well, Don’t Lose Your Cool, is totally about them. Always fronting… image gang.

“I’m in love with a Killer,” Mattrs repeats in the chorus, surely he doesn’t mean literally… we hope. You can have the pleasure of watching the visuals to this song as well as listening to it…

Bow Down, a personal favourite. Mattrs is raw and real in this track, it sounds like he was attempting to get one of his ex-lovers back by making her jealous maybe, but it seems to backfired on him, and now he’s the one begging for them back. Who else has been there too?

“Fighting the fire with fire//Feeding myself to the lions//Runnin’ wild in the riots//To keep this off my mind//It’s like my head’s still dreaming//It’s not the same but you feel me//Been holdin’ this inside.”

Searching, sounds like a very special song, it’s not a typical song solely about love or another person. This song is sung in 1st person and it sounds as if Mattrs is really going through it in this tune.

Take You There and Don’t Like Dancing both have a different kind of vibe to them in comparison to the rest of the album, both songs have a disco vibe to it. So, you know which songs to head to if you’re in the disco-pop kind of mood.

Fear in Me, is a slower song. Not as deep as Searching, but, it does have the same sort of vibe to it, this tune sounds like Mattrs is deeping his life a little here, this is obvious when you hear the chorus, “I wanna be free//I wanna be free from the fear in me…”

Bring It, brings the tempo of the album all the way back up, it’s way more up-beat than the songs just before this one on the album. This song has a strong old skool Justin Timberlake feel to it- the beat, the flow of the lyrics, all of it.

The up-beat vibe continues into the following two songs, Drive By and The Team. Mattrs comes through with the bouncy beats, ones you’d usually associate with summer. But, it’s all good this tunes can keep your car journeys turnt too.

Last but not least, Forever Mine, a beautiful, up-tempo track to finish the album with, have a listen for yourself. You can stream On the Rocks, on all major streaming services listed below:

Keep up-to-date with Louis Mattrs by following his socials too!|
Twitter: @LouisMattrs
Instagram: @louismattrs
YouTube: LouisMattrsVEVO
SoundCloud: Louis Mattrs

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REVIEW: Mic Lowry – MOOD

MIC Lowry Mood

Mood is a 7-song project full of tight harmonies and seductive lyrics, all mixed into one. So, if you’re here for the smooth lines and sexy lyrics then you need you need to listen to this EP.

Mood starts off with the tune, Don’t Tempt Me, a song all about drinking Henny, getting busy all night long and laying on the couch all day… sound perfect?

Watch Mic Lowry in the video for Don’t Tempt Me below, not as steamy as the lyrics but you can see just how tempting they all look trying to persuade the woman of their dreams to do everything they’re singing about in the song.

Know What You Like, is the second song, the hook to this song is very catchy, “Dipped in expensive jewels, latest loubs/Go ‘head and send them nudes/Bougie food in Nobu, all ’cause I fuck with you,” what do you guys know about them bloody shoes?! You’ll definitely find yourself bopping along to the beat of this particular tune!

Although the tunes on this EP sound like fresh, summer bangers they’re something to turn up to in the morning while you’re getting ready… or if you’re trying to hint something to your man- ladies, you know what EP to play.

Listen to Mood on Spotify and all major streaming platforms now:

Listen on Apple Music/iTunes

Twitter: @WeAreMicLowry
Instagram: @miclowry
SoundCloud: @miclowry

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Mixtape Review: Mabel x ‘Ivy To Roses’


London’s very own Mabel dropped her mixtape, Ivy To Roses, on Friday 13th and if you haven’t listened to it already, we suggest that you do.

Some of you may have heard Mable’s collaboration with Kojo Funds, Finders Keepers, that’s been creeping its way up the U.K. charts the past couple of weeks.

Now, let’s talk about the rest of the tape, let’s talk about the fact that Mabel dropped her project full of bae-related songs, during cuffing season… and if you’re not in the cuffing mood yet, this tape will get you in the mood.

The R&B singer comes through with all sorts of vocals in her tape. She begins with, Come Over. Here, Mabel is just trying to tell her man that she could’ve been out, having fun with her girls, if only he hadn’t made plans with her and then bailed- you know we’ve all been there at one point, especially recently after FIFA 18 dropped…

The second song on the tape, Begging- have you ever had your man (or girl) do you wrong? And after they finally realise that they’ve done you wrong, they try and come back with their apology game on 100? Yes, well this is what Begging is all about, from the lyrics it sounds like Mabel knows exactly what she wants and she knows exactly how to make her man beg for it.

In Ivy, we’re hit with them high-pitch vocals that fit so smoothly with the piano playing in the background. “We keep on growing like Ivy,” is repeated in the hook of this song, which is probably a wordplay on the name of this tape, Ivy To Roses, this tape is all about Mabel and her growth with her partner, or growth with her music…

“[Ivy To Roses is] another piece of the puzzle. It’s collection of songs that I love and want the world to hear right now. This is only the beginning of my journey but I want people to feel part of the evolution of my music, which is why I’m putting another project out now,” Mabel says.

An angelic, acoustic version of Drake’s record, Passionfruit, is delivered by Mabel on her tape too.

There are many more songs on Ivy To Roses, that you guys need to listen to. You can listen to Mabel’s Ivy To Roses mixtape on all major streaming platforms now!

You can keep up-to-date with Mabel and her future music releases by following her socials below:
Twitter: @MabelMcvey
Instagram: @MabelMcvey
SoundCloud: Mabel

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