REVIEW: Tsarina – Col3trane


18 year old Cole Basta, also known as Col3trane, is really heating up worldwide this year, already having worked on 2018’s Tsarina with some of L.A’s best and brightest, it looks like we’re gonna see a lot from him in the near future.

The album starts quickly, Penelope is a track we’ve seen making waves in the underground for a while, with it’s trippy music video really making waves at the end of last year when it dropped, and the intro track fits in really well with that vibe.

He keeps it going the same with tracks like Momma Bear and Malibu Sleep keeping in with the trap infused Neo-soul beats he’s singing on.

The interlude, titled Marie Antionette is a nice step back, it feels like it’s helping the mixtape grow musically, adding some nice break beats to fuel a new chapter to the piece, helping to highlight the next track Mario Kart, one of the strongest on the tape, as well as keeping things fresh.

Languages has a feature from Ebenezer, fellow London based musician, that dropped as a second single for the mixtape in January this year, accompanied by a music video in a similar vein as Penelope, showing a darker, grittier side to Col3trane’s music that is so refreshing.

It’s hard to deny that this artist is going places. This well polished debut from Col3trane proves how serious he is, and with some serious attention from the industry, it’s really easy to see where this is going for a young guy who has all the time in the world to create some amazing music.

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REVIEW: Jorja Smith – Lost & Found


It’s been a hell of a year for still rising Walsall musician Jorja Smith. Not only has she worked with artists like Stormzy and Khalid, she’s released a song on Kendrick Lamar’s soundtrack project for Black Panther, she’s also picked up Brit Critic’s Choice Award.

Finally after much teasing she’s dropped her debut album Lost and Found.

Jorja really knows what she’s doing. This album took three years to make and you can see why she didn’t rush. Every bit of this album screams versatility. She’s taken her time to learn from a variety of artistic places. Whether there’s choral arrangements or freestyle rapping segments, she’s completely at home.

The tracks “Blue Lights” and “Where Did I Go?” date from 2016 – and may disappoint long time fans who expected more new music, but they are still R&B classics that will never get old – so she gets a pass this time.

She has complete control over her voice, and it shows in every single track. You can see exactly why she’s been compared to artists like Adele and Amy Winehouse as well as Lauryn Hill. A diverse group of musicians has bred an equally diverse voice.

Standout tracks here for me have to be “Where Did I Go?”, “Blue Lights” and “Lifeboats”. She’s picked some great singles, and “Blue Lights” has got the potential to be a straight classic one day, but I’ve really gotta praise “Lifeboats”, labelled as a freestyle on the track listing, it feels anything but.

Jorja breaks from the usual RnB stylings on this record to show us her lyrical mastery, weaving circles around the beat in this deeper cut from the album.

This is one of the strongest R&B Debut albums for quite some time. Plenty of polished tracks, with no overly weak tracks to pick out, it’s a blissful listen from beginning to end.

The album is available on all digital platforms:

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