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Lylo Gold is a singer/songwriter based in London. She has slowly built a wave on the underground amassing over 150k plays on her Soundcloud despite only releasing 4 tracks – a testament to her perfectionism. Her next live performance is at Cargo, Shoreditch on October 12th.

Tell us a bit about your name – how did you get it, where did it come from?

First off I am a nerd and an over-thinker- after this definition you will realise that…

A Lylo is a device that helps non swimmers/weak swimmers to stay afloat- I feel like a Lylo- I stay afloat no matter what. I deal with everything… I take everything in my stride and learn from it- I also happen to be secretive I “lie low”… it’s meaning is somewhat ambiguous.

Gold is my favourite colour. I’m a Leo – it’s our zodiac colour – I also believe myself to be like gold- it’s one of the strongest metals, but its malleable, soft, yet dense. Gold is a transitional metal, it bonds well with other elements… I am a people person, I work well with others. My name defines me well… besides, it’s waaaaaaaay better than “Khadijah”.[Editor – Your name is your name! Dont worry about it!]

What is your musical background?


My favourite genres are African music, Pop, Funk and Reggae, strangely enough, and I mean POP. Like Wham Pop, Kylie Minogue Pop. I listen to Pop religiously.

I have a degree in music, I studied popular music, and I also studied musical theatre. Somewhere, somehow I fell in love with live instruments, I played with church musicians and I developed an unhealthy obsession for 9th, sus, augmented and 11th chords…

I studied music and realised I’d become one of those annoying musicians who analysed everything, and had to make sense of music constantly. I had to let that go. My music teacher who told me I would grow up and work for Tesco’s, also told me that a true musician will find at least one element, in every song that they like.

It’s become my mantra, that statement. It’s true. But I don’t work for Tesco’s πŸ˜‰



What do you think are the main challenges facing British RnB artists today?

People are scared to be innovative. Record labels are scared. Producers are scared. Artists are scared… we would rather reminisce than reinvent. We would rather stick to genres that guarantee sales than dare to make what we love…

Music, like fashion is cyclical though. I predict R&B will make a come back! I’ll be there when it does!

How would you describe your style?

I’m like a hippy. I go where the vibe takes me- I’m a quirky lyricist who likes pockets and melodies . I wouldn’t say I’m R&B but I certainly have elements of soul? I love rhythms- I think in my past life I was some sort of hip-hop legend because I have FLOW!

I tend to write to syncopated rhythms and I live for call and responses, catchy melodies and adlibs. I’m still defining my style- I’ll be able to answer this question properly in about a years time πŸ™‚

Your working with some hot producers now – EmmaVie and XVR BLCK, how did those collabs come about? What was it like working with them?

They are incredible! I work with loads of other incredible producers but these two are two of my favourite!

Emmavie is my friend- I love her like a black coffee with two sugars- and I love black coffee!
I started working with Emmavie in 2013 by accident! We seem to work really well together, she’s always heard more in my voice than I ever could, and she’s very supportive in the studio because I’m very shy! (Believe it or not)
Emmavie gives me loads of discipline in the studio and she is the most talented musician I have ever met. She’s devoted to her craft and it comes as easily as breathing to her- she’s up next!!!

Xvr Blck has produced the majority of my EP – he is so flexible and he has such a broad understanding of music. I feel like I could take anything to Xvr, any rubbish idea and he’d make it gold! He’s just extremely talented! Underrated and he’s from East London too – we are cut from the same cloth lol[sic]!



Give us your top 3 Rnb artists?

Omar Xavier
Eric Bellinger

I play these guys daily!

How do you feel about the British RnB music scene right now?

I feel like we have some phenomenal talent over here, that just needs the right exposure! Once people get wind of what’s happening over here- we will make incredible international movements!
Until then I’m alright with getting sent all these unreleased tracks from all of these pre-multi millionaire musicians!

Are there any other UK RnB artists you are feeling at the moment?

Ruby Francis, Ella Mai, Marie D, Luv’rell, Lauren Ackie, Shae, Brook Baili, BXRBER, Jordan James, Ryan De La Cruz, Latir, these are off the top of my head there are so many more!!!

You’ve only got 4 tracks on your Soundcloud, but over 150k plays – how do you feel about that?

I want 3 Million. I also don’t have 4 tracks I have like 14- but I’m a scaredy cat- who hates releasing music ?

What are your plans over the next few months can you give us a sneak peek?

Why of course!

New single “Over U” will be released on the 29/09/17

Performing at Eddies House at Cargo on the 10/10

Video sometime in between!

Performing at iluvlive on the 06/11

New single “Special” to be released in November

Performing on the 16/12 at Stratford Circus
Performing on the 21/12 for the Margin Kings

Another single in December!

EP shortly after-

Performing in January!!

It’s vague but that adds to the suspense!

When and where can people see you live?

Cargo – 12/10/17 see my Instagram for the flyer
Iluvlive – 06/11/17
Stratford Circus- 16/12
Margin Kings event- 21/12

Is there any advice you can give to other artists – based on your experience so far?

Upskill yourselves and listen to the greats. Be inspired by people, not envious. Listen to the opinions of others, but listen to your own voice. Make what feels right, and never compromise your art- unless the sacrifice is an opportunity for elevation. Protect yourself and your music- learn your rights and sign up to PRS!
The industry is minuscule- don’t talk too much- musicians are messy!

Oh and don’t jump on the hook of every rapper that sends you a track!

Stay GOLD.

How can people hear more more of your music and get in touch?

Type in Lylo Gold everywhere and it will all come up!
Message me- I like people- I will always message back! ❀

Twitter: @lylogold
Instagram: @lylogold
Snapchat: @lylo gold
Facebook: @singerlylo
SoundCloud: @lylogoldofficial
All other music platforms: Lylo Gold


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